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Overall renting conditions


1. Arrival and departure: Please time your arrival to be after 16h00 (4.00 pm), and your departure before 12h00 (noon). Please tell us if you expect to be arriving late. 

2. Occupancy: Maximum 2 persons. 

3. Restriction in use: The accommodation is restricted to use as living quarters only, and may not be used for any type of business, contact address, or poste restante. It is absolutely not allowed to use the WIFI for illegal or illicit purposes, pornographic or prohibited sites or the dark internet. 

4. Reservation: Your booking will be confirmed when we receive the signed rental agreement together with the agreed advance payment for your stay. 

5. What is included in the rental: The duration of your stay in our furnished apartment, electricity, bedding and towels according to the number of persons booked. Internet. 

6. Payment: We accept euros only. 30% of the total agreed rental is required to be paid by bank transfer at the time of a booking made more than 15 days before you are due to arrive. The balance is due on arrival. If you book in a shorter advance period, full payment of the agreed rental is required when booking, by bank transfer similarly. 

7. Deposit: A deposit must be paid on arrival to indemnify us in case of wilful damage, breakages and the cost of restoring the apartment to a clean and habitable state, which we will sign off at your departure. If we have to do cleaning to bring the accommodation up to standard, a charge of 45 euros will apply. The amount of deposit is shown on your contract. If all is well, your full deposit will be returned within 3 days from the end of your stay, if not, our costs and charges will be deducted. 

8. Care in use: Please leave the apartment in a clean and tidy state, in the condition you find it on arrival. This includes stowing items in their rightful place. We have tried to make your stay as comfortable as possible, so please respect the furniture and décor as well as the equipment you wish to use. 

9. No smoking: Prohibited anywhere in the building. 

10. 30 day time-frame: Visitors must be aware that when a booking falls within 30 days of the intended stay, it is non-cancellable, and no money will be returned you. This rule also applies to all bookings made outside the time-frame, (subsequently falling within it), for which you will be liable for outstanding agreed rental. 

11. No-show or shortened stay: If you do not arrive within 24 hours after the start of the stay, the accommodation will be offered for re-let, in use: Please leave the apartment in a clean and tidy state, in the 8. and no money returned to you. If you decide to leave before your tenancy ends, no rental money will be returned to you. Our rule 7 above applies to your deposit. 

12. Cancellation by us: We may decide to cancel a booking, and retain the right not to give a reason. In this case we will return all monies received from you, but do not accept any liability for disruption or costs you may incur. If we cancel during your stay a pro-rata refund may apply. 

13. Travel insurance: We strongly recommend you insure yourself against unexpected cancellation by you or no show. 

14. Pets: No animals allowed in the building. 

15. Visitor Tax: Currently we are obliged to collect 1 euro per person over 18, per night.

Applicable from 1st january 2017.